The ITBOM Fashion Collection

YOU are EMPOWERED & Can’t Be Stopped!
Let everyone know that YOU are Boss-Some!

ITBOM = I’m The Boss Of Me

ITBOM®️ is I’m The Boss Of Me. Be Boss-Some and let people know that YOU are the Boss of YOU.

Pick from these messages: “I Am The Boss Of… My Mind, Body, Choices, Thinking, Exercise, Habits, Actions, Words, Health, All The Time, Attitude, Being Heard, Doing the Right Thing, Judgment, Hugs, Kindness, Figuring It Out, Listening, Touch, Figuring It Out, or ME!“ Don’t leave them guessing. Tell Them.

You can also pick ”I CAN… Dance I Can Sing, Do Anything, Try, Learn How & Why, Find My Own Way, or Say, ‘That’s Too Much!’”

empowering sentiments: It’s the BEST Way To Be, When I’m a GREAT Boss Of Me, and MORE! Peruse through to find the YOU you want to be today. Different days mean different feelings. You can pick more than one and layer them for a Boss-Some and empowering fashion statement.

  • Express Your Passion - Wear Your Fashion

    All of the messages on our apparel are direct quotes from our sibling company, the critically acclaimed children’s book series I’m The Boss Of Me®️. The quotes from those books have been written on these fashions for anyone who wants to take charge of their lives and wants to live the themes of Personal Responsibility & Accountability, Diversity & Inclusion, and Body Safety & Autonomy while looking fabulous at the same time. Look fabulous while living the ITBOM®️ Lifestyle - strong, in charge, and Boss-some!

    The ITBOM®️ Series was created to teach a whole new generation of little people how to be the best boses of themselves. They can live a better life, be responsible for it, and take over the world, one little boss at a time. Join us, Join the movement.

Fashions for Her, Him & Unisex styles!!

Unisex & Cropped Hoodies - Let them know you’re coming!

I Am The Boss Of My… Mind, Body, Choices, Thinking, Exercise, Habits,... 

  • Accessories & Ornaments

    For your lapel, purse, rear view mirror, bulletin board, window, or holiday tree! Great gifts for teachers, friends, and family who want to live the ITBOM lifestyle!

  • Cropped Fashions

    Pick the message you want broadcasted in these awesome (we call them Boss-Some) cropped tops! T-shirts and hoodies in multiple colors!

  • Home Decor

    Pillows, Mugs, Wine Roadies, Canvas, Roadies, Note Cubes (and more items on the way) in all different sizes and colors. Remind yourself when are home that YOU are the Boss!

  • Cartoon Collection

    It all started with our children's book collection before we realized Grownups need gear too! Check out our Boss-Some Cartoon Collection for Kiddos & Cartoon Grownup Gear